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* Horam League
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Horam League Points
  S Date Day Opponents Rinks V. Time D. R F A F A
MD 18th Sat Royals 6R Indoors 5:30 G W 76 64
MD 8th Sat Royals 6R Indoors 5:30 G L 64 69
ALL A  21st Sat Drive Cancelled
AM A 25th Wed Riverside Rearranged * *
MO S 28th Sat Grosvenor 4T A 3:30 W L 42 69
JB S 29th Sun Rotherfield* Cancelled A 2:30 W * *
MD S 1st Tues Hailsham* CANCELLED A 2:00 W * *
PB A 2nd Wed Cross in Hand* CANCELLED A 2:30 G * *
JP S 6th Sun Bayham and Lamberhurst 4T A 2:30 W L 45 62
PB S 9th Wed Horam* 4T H 2:30 W W 75 53 7 1
JP S 13th Sun Bidborough 4/5T H 2:30 W W 82 42
JB A 15th Tues West Hoathly 4T A 2:30 G L 65 68
PB s 16th Wed Hellingly* 4T H 2:30 W W 81 60 7 1
MD S 19th Sat Eastbourne Parade 4T A 2:00 W W 84 48
DJ S 20th Sun Marden 4/5T A 2:30 W L 52 87
DJ A  23rd Wed DRIVE Fish&Chips All H 5:30 G
DJ S 26th Sat Deanland* 4T H 2:30 W L 52 93 0 8
JB S 27th Sun Tonbridge  4T A 2:30 W W 80 68
LB S 29th Tues Uckfield* 4T H 6:00 G L 31 34 3 5
JB A 30th Wed Mayfield Cancelled
JP S 1st Fri Herstmonceux* 4T H 2:30 G L 61 81 0 8
JB S 2nd Sat Calverley 4T H 2:30 W W 75 50
PB A 3rd Sun White Rock  Cancelled H 2:00 W
MD S 5th Tues Frant 4T H 2:30 G      L          43         73
VT S 9th Sat Grosvenor 4T H 2:30 W W 65 54
JP S 10th Sun Bidborough 4T A 2:30 W W 66 44
MD S 12th Tues Maresfield* 4T H 2:30 W W 75 59 8 0
MO S 13th Wed Riverside 4T A 6:15 G W 71 54
JB S 16th  Sat Tonbridge 4T H 2:30 W L 44 71
PB S 17th Sun Ringmer* 4T A 2:30 W L 58 77 0.5 7.5
17th Sun COUNTY 2 WOOD (1) ALL H 9:00
JB S 19th Tues Cross in Hand* 4T H 6.00 G L 57 75 1 7
VT S 23RD Sat Rotherfield* 4T H 2:30 W L 60 68 1 7
JP S 24th Sun Groombridge* 4T A 2:30 G L 52 94 1 7
JB S 27th Wed Hellingly* 4T A 2:30 W      L          51         69          1.5      6.5
PB S 29th Fri Sussex CB Vice Patrons (2) 4R H 2:00 W L 100 123
VT S 30th Sat Riverside 4T H 2:30 G L 60 61
JB S 1st Sun Rotherfield* 4T A 2:30 W L 56 68 2 6
JB S 3rd Tues Ringmer* 4T H 2:30 W L 41 74 0.5 7.5
MO S 4th Wed The Grove 4T H 6:00 G W 88 48
BC A 6th Fri TATE EVENING All H 6:30 G W
PB A 7th Sat Groombridge* 4T H 2:30 G W 70 65 6 2
JP S 8th Sun Buxted Park 4T H 2:30 W L 56 76
MD S 10th Tues Staplecross 4T H 2:30 G W 86 47
JP S 14th Sat Hailsham* 4T H 2:30 W    L      56     58     2        6
MO A 15th Sun Culverden   Cancelled A 2:30 W
DJ S 18th Wed Hawkhurst  Border Cup 4T H 6:00 G L 63 67
AM A 21st Sat President Vs Chairman + BBQ All H 2:30 G
PB S 25th Wed Hawkhurst  Border Cup 4T A 6:00 G
MD A 28th Sat Marden 4/5T H 2:30 W
MD A 29th Sun Cross in Hand* 4T A 2:30 G
DJ A 30th Mon Wadhurst Cricket Club All H 6:00 G
JB A 31st Tue Hastings 4/5T H 2:30 G
MO A 1st Wed Frant 4T A 2:30 G
4th Sat Sussex vs Surrey (1) ALL H 10:00 W
MD A 7th Tues Herstmonceux* 4T A 2:30 W
PB A 8th Wed Deanland* 4T A 2:30 W
JP A 11th Sat Brenchley & Matfield 4T A 2:30 W
12th Sun MIXED TRIPLES TOURNAMENT (1) (3) All H 9:30 W
MD A 14th Tues Horam* 4T A 2:30 W
JB A 15th Wed Cranbrook 4T A 2:30 G
LB A 17th Fri TW vs Eastbourne Leagues (1) 6R H 2:00 G
LB A 19th Sun Crowborough Wolfe 4T H 2:30 W
JB A 21st Tues Maresfield* 4T A 2:30 W
DJ A 22nd Wed The Grove 4T A 6:00 G
JB 25th Sat CLUB FINALS DAY All H 10:00 W
JB 26th Sun CLUB FINALS DAY All H 10:00 W
JB A 28th Tues Uckfield* 4T A 5:30 G
PB A 29th Wed Mayfield 4T H 2:30 G
MO A 1st Sat White Rock 4T H 2.00 W
VT A 2nd Sun Calverley 4T A 2:30 W
DJ A 5th Wed Buxted Park 4T A 5:00 G
MD A 6th  Thur Hailsham* 4T A 2.00 W
JP A 9th Sun Bayham & Lamberhurst 4T H 2:30 W
VT A 11th Tues West Hoathly 4T H 2:30 G
DJ A 12th Wed Hastings 4T A 2:00 W
MD A 18th Tues Motcombe Gardens 4T H 2:30 W
LB A 19th Wed Culverden 4T H 2:30 G
PB A 22nd Sat Staplecross 4T A 2:30 G
16th Sat Royals, Tunbridge Wells 6T A 5:30 G
6th Sat Royals, Tunbridge Wells 6T A 5:30 G
* Horam League
Key: D = Dress  G = Grey  W = White  H = Home  A =  Away
1) Not a fixture for Wadhurst BC teams, we merely act as host
2) This match is kindly sponsored by Henry Paul Funerals
3) This match is kindly sponsored by Tate Fencing

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